Monday, June 23, 2008

Farewell! My Manga Collection!

I am going to move to Muzha this summer. My new place is much smaller than where I live now, I won't have enough space to store my collections. I will have to get rid of some (or much) of my collections of manga, books, CDs, and DVDs.

Last weekend, I cleared out my manga collections from a storage room and book shelves; I planed to sell them. I finally realized I have a lot of mangas. (The mangas in the pictures are only 1/3 of my collections.) Giving away or selling my collections is tormenting, I checked every set one by one to ensure I won't regret getting rid any of them.

As checked my collections, I started reading them again. Eventually, I spent more time on reading those mangas than on reorganizing them. I only cleared out small section of my collections, it seems that I will spend A LOT OF time doing this cleaning job.


Chris in Asia said...

That's a lot of manga! Your cleaning work seems similar to what I've been doing.

As for DVDs, you can take the discs out of their cases and put them in a CD carry case. It saves space.

Kate said...

Thank you for your suggestion. I am doing reorganizing DVDs and CDs as well. I have thrown out most DVDs cases and put discs into carry cases, that indeed helps to save a lot of space. The most difficult job is to rearrange my DVDs by directors alphabetically. It takes a lot of time doing research about films.

Pisces Monkey said...

That's a lot.
and only one-third!

did you have time to count how many there were? =p