Friday, December 28, 2007

2007-12-24-26 Yilan and Hualian 聖誕之旅:宜蘭與花蓮 PART I (蘇澳)

I am always keen to travel in east coast of Taiwan. About three weeks ago, I learned my classmates planed to travel in Yilan and Hualian. I knew it would be a good chance to carry out my idea of traveling in east coast; I invited myself to join them. I was lucky that we had no trouble to get an extra seat of cars, so I made it. We spent three days (from Dec. 24th to 26th) traveling in Yilan and Hualian. It was cold and raining in Taipei before the trip. I was worried of the bad weather and kept checking weather forecast for few days before the trip. When we were in Yilan and Hualian, it was overcast and sometimes rainy. Even though the weather wasn't perfect, it didn't undermine our travel and it was actually a wonderful trip.


Nine of us we in two cars left Taipei in the morning of 24th. We got on highway and passed though Xueshan Tunnel --12.9 kilometers, the second longest tunnel in Asia-- to Toucheng in Yilian within 1.5 hours. It takes fewer hours for travelers to get to Yilian than before. After we arrived Toucheng, we turned to Suao to pick up the tenth member and had our lunch in Suao harbor. We had really fresh seafood for lunch. After lunch, we headed to Taroko National Park.


While I took photos of our delicious seafood dishes, my classmates were busy eating up those dishes, so I decided not to take any photos of our meals. They never wait for me when it comes food. :D

I saw no fish boats sailing out nor harboring, only few old residents fixing broken fishing nets alone the port .

While we were in Suao, I saw a lot of fish boats resting alone the port. It seemed that Suao was a seaside city in deep sleep. It lacked the scenes of hustle and bustle. I suddenly had sad feeling; I can't help wondering what happened to the once busy and famous seaport of North Taiwan.


Chris said...

Hi Kate! We were in Suao in Christmas Day!

Kate said...

It's an interesting coincidence! :D