Sunday, February 10, 2008

2008-02-02 The Quest of Trailheads END 哈盆越嶺,福巴越嶺和卡拉基莫步道

Fuba Hiking Trail actually is not far from Hapen Hiking Trail. I found it soon after I left Hapen Hiking Trail. The following map is drew based on my memory.

The Sign of Fuba Hiking Trail stands out, it looks like an entry of a NATIONAL trail. I entered the entry and then I saw a bridge.

I saw the bridge and immediately said "Sxxt!"
People who know me all knew that I have kind of strange phobia to river and bridge because I was almost drowned few years ago. I have strong fears of any water activities or brdige so I was suddenly in panic when I saw the bridge. However, a rational thought kept telling myself it would be fine to keep moving, and I should cross it to find the trailhead. After a moment of struggling, I passed through the brdige with screaming in mind.

The trailhead is right at the other side of the bridge. The trail's condition looked great which was like an extend version of Jiajiuliao Hiking Trail.

After a 30-minute walk on trail, I saw a strange thing on the ground. It looked like one part of a snake. I was baffled but also curious about it. I crouched down and checked its structure. It was funny that I would have illusion that it was twisting or it was suddenly growing a head or legs. I walked and enjoyed the fun from plants along the trail, however it was getting dark and I had to leave the trail before nightfall. I returned to trailhead as soon as possible.
I was unable to complete hiking the whole trail. At any rate, I found the three trailheads, and I will enjoy the nature along the trails when the weather is balmy.


Chris said...

Looks like a great adventure, Kate! I'd like to explore more of that area when the weather improves!

Kate said...
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Kate said...

I'd like to revisit Fuba and Hapen when the weather is good, too. And I am keen to revisit Xiongkong Trail as well. The vegetation and forest are gorgeous. I hope we can go hiking Xiongkong trail again before your vacation.