Friday, December 26, 2008

2008-12-24 Go to See A Doctor Of Traditional Chinese Medicine 看中醫

Last week, I went hiking in Sanxia and explored the region around Yunxin Waterfall. I was very happy that I got to this beatiful waterfall.

Caption: Yunxin Waterfall in Sanxia.

It's a popular spot for Taiwanese photographers, and a lot of photographers were there taking pictures of the waterfall when I rested close to the waterfall.

Unfortunately, I twisted my ankle on my way home. I sometimes injure my right ankle during hiking in forest, I think it is because I have a weak right ankle, and it is resulted from a car accident I had several years ago. It seems that I never completely recover from the bone crack I had from that accident.
I knew I must protect my ankle from further injury and I managed to get back home and tried to get a good rest for the sake of my right ankle; however, I still felt sharp pains in the following days. I decided to turn to a doctor for help.
I went to see Dr. Chen who was one of my acquaintances. He was a clinical psychologist before he accepted traditional Chinese medical training, and He started to practice for a while. I think he is pretty good because he takes care of his patients's physical problems as well as their feelings.
I went to his clinic at the intersection of Roosevelt Road (羅斯福路) and Fu-zhou Street (福州街), it's a cozy place that people won't be intimidated. The first thing I saw as I entered the consulting room was the blossomy flowers, and it immediately made me feel relaxed.

Hello Doctor!

Nice to see you!

I am joking, of course.
This is Doctor Chen.
There are many different ways for traditional Chinese doctors to observe their patients's physical conditions—checking their eyes, observing their faces and feeling their patients's pulses as well.
Because I had acute pain, Dr. Chen decided to give me acupuncture therapy after he examined my conditions.
Dr. Chen pricked several points on my feet with needles. It looks horrifying from those pictures I took; however, they didn't cause pain at all, I only had some funny sensations. I felt it incredible that every points bought different kinds of sensations to me. Sometimes it is like an electric current flowing though my arm, sometimes it is like a short electric shock on my foot.

My injury happened to my right ankle so most of those needles pricked on my right ankle, around the region nearby my right heal.
Yes, heal, my Achilles' heel, my weakest part when it comes to get engaged in hiking.

It looks pretty scary, isn't it? But I felt much better after accepting acupuncture therapy.

After Dr. Chen retrieved those needles, I felt my acute pain stopped. It worked like a charm.

After the acupuncture therapy, Dr. Chen kindly explained some ways how to take care of injured heel to me.

I felt much better these days and I think I can get back to hiking soon after I finish writing my research proposal.

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