Friday, January 2, 2009

2008-12-27 Yunxin Waterfall 雲心瀑布 PART 1

Last weekend, the weather was really nice, the sky was blue and dotted with cloud. I was about to start writting my experimental design, but I couldn't resist the temptation of this beautiful day, I decided to take a walk along a bike path near my apartment after having my brunch and planed to start my design after the stroll.

Caption: The entry of the bike path near where I live.

It was a warm and sunny day. I found a lot of bikers riding their bikes along the riverbank and a lot of birds foraging along the riverbank as well. I was really happy as I enjoyed the balmy and sunny day and appreicated the wonderful lifeforms living in my neighberhood.

Caption: This is merged from two pictures. I was playing with some photo management software and came up with this picture.

When I was sitting on one rock on the riverbank, enjoying the observation of those birds' amazing behaviors, my cellphone suddenly rang. It was a phone call from my friend and they told they were in the vicinity of my apartment as they were on their wat to the Full Moon Park, and they wondered if I would join in their trip to Sanxia. I decided to join in this outing and dashed back home.
After a short break in my apartment, three of us headed to Sanxia. We took Road No. 110 (安康路) and turned to Road No. 3 (台三線) to Sanxia, the it only cost us about 30 minutes to get to the intersaction of Zhong-zheng Road (中正路) and Jie-shou Road (介壽路) .
Caption: The Intersaction of Zhong-zheng Road (中正路) and Jie-shou Road (介壽路) .

Then we took Zhong-zheng Road (中正路) and turned to Road No. 7 乙 (台7乙線). We passed Cha-jiao village (插角里) and got to You-mu village (有木里), where those two villages were pretty with lush hills and tea farms. (Note 1)

Caption: Taken in Cha-jiao village (插角里) .

Caption: Taken in You-mu village (有木里)

Note 1:

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