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2009-01-26 First Hike of CNY And A Strange Taiwanese Accent

Today is the last day of the Chinese New Year vacation. It's been 9 days since the eve of Chinese New Year. Time flees.

I hiked to Jiajiuliao alone on the first day of the vacation, and I revisited Jiajiuliao hiking trail with my hiking partners: Robert, Chris, Kitty, Katannya and her sister. Both hikes were pleasant even though it rained lightly.

The river bank near by the trailhead of Jiajiuliao hiking trail is known as Red River Valley (Hong-he-gu 紅河谷) by Taiwanese hikers. I read an article online that gives the origin of the nickname. The article says that the scenary of Hong-he-gu looks like few scenes from Red River, a John Wayne movie directed by John Ford in 1948. The rocks dotted in the riverbank are red in bright sunny days, but I don't think the scenary there looks anything like scenes from Red River. At any rate, it gives an possible explaination.

When I hiked alone on the trail on the first day of Chinese New Year, I ran into few Taiwanese hikers. When we gave greeting to each other and exchanged conversations, I spoke to them in Taiwanese at times. I was told by one hiker that I had a strange accent when I spoke Taiwanese. My Taiwanse is rusty because I have rare chance to use the language in Taipei, but I didn't realize it became so bad until the hiker pointed it out.

I listened to myself carefully and tried to figure out what my Taiwanese sounded like. My Taiwanese is under the influence of Mandarin. I think my Taiwanese now sounds like reading Chinese and speak what are read in Taiwanese. I found a clip that a choir sing a Taiwanese song when they read its lyrics in Chinese on Youtube. Their Taiwanese are with Mandarin accent, and it's what happened to my Taiwanese.

This song, In Love With North Raiway (戀戀北迴線), has beome famous because of Sunrise Record Store Event happened on December 4th of 2008.

Sunrise record Store is located on Zhongshan N. Road. This store doesn't have grand window to deplay albums it sells, but it has great music ablums ranged from local Taiwanese music to world music. The store usually plays some songs to promote some albums and pedestrians usually can hear melody when the pass by. During the period of CHEN Yuen-lin's visiting in Taipei, some policemen took extreme measures without consulting legal process. On December 4th of 2008, Some policemen broke into Sunrise record store and Sunrise record store was force to shut down, and some facility were taken away by policemen because it played this Taiwanese song. This event stirred up a lot of Taiwanese's anger.

(I try to translate the lyrics into English, I would make a lot of mistakes, please pardon me.)

戀戀北迴線 In Love With North Railway

詞/曲:黃麒嘉 Written by HUANG Qi-jia

火車載阮要來去 The train is taking me to

台灣的後花園 Taiwan's rear garden

世間尚水的所在 The most beautiful places in the world

攏置彼一屏 Are all located there

瑞芳金瓜石 Rui-fang, Jin-gua-shi

溫柔可愛的基隆河 Tender and lovely Keelung River.

濛朧三貂嶺 Misty San-diao-ling

青青雙溪水 Emerald green water of Shuang-xi

悠悠擱綿綿 Extended and continuous

親像一首詩 Like a poem

行到福隆 Arriving in Fu-long

看見著海邊 Seeing the seashore

轔轔嚨嚨 (describing noise made by the train)

搖過基隆河 Passing through Keelung River

唭唭喀喀 (describing noise made by the train)

攀過三貂嶺 Climbing and passing San-diao-ling

船隻漂來又漂去 Boats floating back and forth

海風帶鹹味 Sea breeze carrying salty smell

海面金金地閃熾 Surface of the ocean flickering with golden light

(To Be Continued)






























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