Monday, April 6, 2009

2009-04-05 U-Theatre in Bitan

Yesterday was the second day of 2009 Xindian Riverbank Cultural Festival (新店碧潭水岸文化節) and the most inviting show there was U-Theatre's performance in the afternoon.

Patty and I went there around 3 p.m.. Because of the gloomy weather, we thought we would have few tourists there and we could enjoy a quiet afternoon, but out of our expectation, the audience was huge there.

I don't like to jostle with strangers in the crowds, so I rarely have experience of taking pictures in the crowds. I liked to take some pictures of their performance, and tried to find a good spot of picture taking, and eveutally, I realized I was too short, and a lot of taller people in front of me blocked my view.

It was the first time in my life I wish I was a tall person. But it was interesting to see those poeple with cameras taking pictures of peformers.

I found another good spot of taking pictures, so I moved to the other side of the venue

But unfortunately, good places were taken. (David told me he is in the picture. It's a great coincidence.)

An old lady in front of me concetrated on filming of the performance via her small camera.

I eventually stopped taking pictures and concetrated on their peformance. I love their performance very much. Their drumming, singing, and movements brought me into a meditative status. The feelings was relaxing and refreshing.
I haven't had chance to go to their performance venue in Muzha mountains, but after I saw the show in Bitan, I thought a fitting environment is very important. The venue there yesterday was too noisy and crowded, and I couldn't completely enjoyed it. It was like being tore with meditation and reality. So I plan to see it again this year and hope I can reexperience the soothing and refreshing performance again.

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