Friday, July 4, 2008

2008-06-27 Playing Card Games

Being graduate students in Taiwan can be stressful, different students have their various coping strategies to deal with stress. Some would occasionally rely on alcohol or cigarrete. The coping strategies of my classmates' and mine are playing some fun games, playing sports, and traveling.

It was in the evening, everyone had worked whole day for their thesis. It was time to relax. Joanne and Erin had almost completed their thesis so they thought it was okay to have a short break. We played some card games with the rules that winners could draw patterns on losers' arms or back or put doct tape on losers' faces.

Erin had a handful of good cards, she was excited and showed me her cards.

As what she expected, she won a game.

Valongtine lost a game and got duct tape on her face.

Joanne lost games and got a cute cow on her back.

Eventually, Erin lost games and got doct tape.

It was funny that I didn't lost games in the evening so I didn't get painted or doct tape on my face.

Joanne lost game again, and Erin was the winner. She was busy drawing animals on Joanne's back.

Joanne's colourful back. She got an elephant and a cow.

It was a funny evening, we kept laughing at each other. It was a very good way to lighten up.

After a short break from study, we all had to continue our current work. Joanne was done with her work so she turn to help Angus to work out his chaotic data.

We will travel in Kending at the end of July, I can foreseen that we probably will spend most of time playing games and making fun of each other.

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Denny Han said...

it's really full of joyfulness
and BTW, the title should be "playing" :D