Monday, July 7, 2008

2008-07-07 Erge Shan (二格山)

I was upset because (a) Roger Federer, my all-time favorite professional tennis player, didn't garner his sixth Wimbledon championship yesterday; (b) I am not satisified with my original proposal of cognitive training project which I will have to summit within a week, but I still have no good idea about how to adjust my proposal; (c) I wrote the third part of Day Trip in Taipei City with Dr. Gauthier and Dr. Hayward last night, but it was gone because of's malfunction; (d) Dr. Fung from Chinese Hong Kong university published a new research report which is similar to my current work. I will have to adjust my subject and have dicussion with my advisor on Friday; however, I still have no new idea.

I wan't in right mood for doing things, and I wanted to cheer myself up so I decided get up to Erge Shan this morning. Hiking in natural and beautiful hiking trails always help to refresh myself.

There is a Twin Peaks elementary school on the Road No. 9 (北宜公路). Two peaks that resemble David Lynch's Twin Peaks are right next to the school. Every time I take Road No. 9 to Pinglin or Erge Shan, I always take pictures of them.

Twin Peaks
Wutu (烏塗)
On my way up to Erge Shan's peak, I saw a spider having its lunch. The spider spun silk to wrap up its prey. The nature is amazing.

A lizard had cool posture for me.

It's butterfly season, I saw a lot of different kinds of butterflies along hiking trails.

The withered leaf in the picture actually is a moth in disguise.

Nice view from the peak of Erge Shan. The ridges like continous green waves, splendid!

Feicui Reservoir

Taipei Basin

It's a little bit hazy, but I could see the estuary of Danshui River. (You can click the picture to see it in bigger size.)

I spent a morning on Erge Shan, having lunch there, then I got home to clean myself up. I felt relax and left home to my school.
I took pictures of great clouds on the way to my school. The clouds were amazing!

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