Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2008-12-03 Bougainvillea

I went to my lab this morning for my weekly lab meeting, and a shrub of flaming Bougainvillea captured my eyesight. This shrub of Bougainvillea was very gorgeous, and I was bewitched and can't help taking picture of them.

This shrub of Bougainvillea grows over the men's toilet in the park. A lady came out from the men's toilet when I was taking pictures of Bougainvillea. She was baffled and her facial expression seemed to say: "Is this girl a pervert? Why on earth is she taking pictures out of the men's toilet?"

Her facial expression was forceful; however, I didn't want to be regarded as a loser. I made an eye contact with her, and delivered a message: "Lady, you can get into the men's toilet. Why on earth can't I take pictures outside of the men's toilet!”

九重葛 Bougainvillea


Chris said...

Very nice! I love Bougainvillea!

Kate said...

Thanks! I know 九重葛 is your favorite flower. :)