Monday, January 5, 2009

2009-01-03 Daily Photos

My friends from university and I planed to go hiking in Yuan-shan (鳶山) in Sanxia. After I met them at MRT Fuzhong station, I thought it was not proper to go hiking in this circumtstance that most of them were in wrong shoes which could make their knees or ankles injured.

We could only walk the the entry of Yuan-shan hiking trail, and then we turned back to the old street and hade our dinner at Pation 28. So the trip turned out to be a half-day trip in Sanxia.

Even though we didn't complete Yuan-Shan hiking trail, we reached the Bell of Yuan-shan, and it was a 3.2 km walk.

Sheena was not used to long walk and partly she has been busy with her stressful work, she was tired and got drunk after having a half bottle of beer. I didn't take pictures of her when she couldn't stop smiling in Pation 28. Well, but she was funny and cute.

P.S. Mike, I posted pictures of them as I promised. We talked a lot about you during the trip. We are looking forward to the date you come back to Taiwan and to having happy get-together and to enjoying your stories happended to you in UK.

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