Saturday, January 24, 2009

2009-01-24 Broken Spectacles

I haven't undated my blog for a while. I thought I could do it in the past two weeks, but many things went out of my expectation. I made a breakthrough in my research progress, thanks to my advisor's push. I worked on my experimental design for a while, and I revised it by following my advisor's suggestion, and the design became feasible. I am working on collecting proper stimuli, and soon I will have to learn E-Prime to write computerized experiment program.

Things have gon well when it comes to my study.

I still have some free time, but I would rather go hiking than stay home or at lab in front of monitors; so I haven't write things about hikes I've done recently, and I haven't uploaded pictures I took during my hikes, either.

I am getting busy and busier, I won't be able to update my blog regularly. It's been two years since I started my blog, so I don't want to close it. I am thinking what specific feature my blog has and what I should do to maintain my blog. Most of my articles are about my hikes. It's not necessary for me to give information about hiking in Taiwan in English, my written English is poor, and Robert's blog, Pashan, gives way better stories about hiking in Taiwan. My blog isn't as informative as his blog is, and will never be.

Since few weeks ago, I've started using twitter as an alternative interface. I am thinking about adopting similar format here. A post with one picture or two about hikes or life in Taiwn with few comments cost me little time. I think I can manage that.

This is my second broken pair of glasses. Well, I can't believe that I broke it twice. It seems that some accidents always happen when I get extra income. I got NT$3,600 shopping vouchers and then I broke my glasses. I will have to get it repaired and use vouchers to pay off this unplanned expense.

I think I should take some pictures of my shopping vouchers for memorial before my use them all. They are sperical things for all Taiwanese resulted from critical period of time.

p.s. When was posting, there was an earthquake.
p.p.s Second earthquake.


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