Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009-01-03 Hemeishan 碧潭/和美山

Our lab semester-end outing will take place next Saturday. I was desiganted to organize the outing and I have been looking for a proper spot that would fit every lab partners' needs. The final tourist spot I have singled out is He-mei-shan near Bitan in Xindian.

There are some reseaons. First of all, it has easy access that everyone can take MRT Red Line to Xindian, the terminal station of MRT Red Line. Secondly, He-mei-shan is a small hill whose height is approximately 150m that is not too difficult for my lab partners who rarely go hiking.

Even though He-mei-shan is a small hill, it has great views that hikers can overlook Taipei City and they even can see Guan-yin-shan clearly if the weather is fine. And the trail in He-mei-shan is short that hikers probably only have to spend 30 minutes completing their hike.

After go hiking in He-mei-shan, we can have lunch along the riverbank. And after lunch, my lab partners can take a stroll in Bitan. Bitan has been regenerated and tranformed into a beautiful park. It is pretty nice to take a walk along the riverbank both during daytime or night time.

I am the organizer of this event and I don't like plan going wrong or things get out of my control, so I took a walk in Bitan and went hiking in He-mei-shan this morning, that will help me to visualize most possible situations.

And I try to provide some information for them before the outing, and the below pictures are especially taken for them.

Beautiful Bitan

Bitan Suspension Bridge

I am a Xindianian (I made up this word). I was born and grew up in the vicinity of Bitan. This bridge always brings my childhood memories back to me.

It has become a popular spot for bikers.

To be honest, I really hate those tall buildings.

The trailhead is at the end of 33-1, Bitan Road.

The relic of Bitan Amusement Park. It's was a very popular amusement park.

The entry of the trail

The trail is very easy for novice hikers or visitors. The only difficult part is the few steps long stairs shown in the above picture.

The great views vistors can get on the top of He-me-shan. (I only spent 15 minutes getting to the top.)

Visitors can see Taipei 101 and my apartment when the day is clear.

Visitors actually can see Nan-shi-jiao-shan(南勢角山) and Guan-yin-shan(觀音山).

The overlook of Chingtan (青潭) region.

This is Gordonia (大頭茶), one of Chris's favoriate flowers. They often blossom on the top of trees that hikers can't spot them easily, but they often sprinkle over hiking trails. It's a kind of beautiful scenes.

This is Gordonia's stem and leaves. When Robert and I were on National Zhao-yang hiking trail (朝陽步道), we tried to differentiate Gordonia from other kinds of similar plants, and I couldn't do it well, so I took this picture for reference.

This is where we will have lunch. I haven't had meal in this restaurant, but aparazzi took pictures of famous Taiwanese singer and host dining here, it's probably good.

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