Friday, March 7, 2008

2008-02-23 Jiajiuliao 烏來加九寮(紅河谷)

It has been crazily busy weeks for me since my new semester began. I finally have some time to write down my hike in Jiajiuliao (加九寮) in Wulai.

It was sunny in the morning, I thought I could go hiking. After I had my lunch, I headed to Jiajiuliao. One the way to Wulai, the sky was getting dark, and soon, it started raining. It wasn't cold, I thought I could still continue the hike. But it turned out to be another hike of twisting my left ankle after my previous hike in Manyueyuan.

Juajiuliao has a nickname, Red River Valley (紅河谷), because of the scenary along the riverbank is similar to some scenes from John Wayne's Red River. I had had its DVD for a long time, but I haven't seen it yet. I don't know if this saying is true or not. I took some photos of the riverbank, it's pretty and the color of the rocks along the riverbank is red.

On the way to the trailhead of Jiajiuliao Hiking Trail, I saw differnt lovely flowers. I felt happy at that moment, it seemed a nice start. I saw a honey bee busy working among flowers. While I was taking pictures of this honey bee, a idea suddenly came into my mind. I realised I rarely see bees in recently years. I could see a lot of butterflies when I am hiking, but not bees. I wonder if the mysterious disappearance of bees alos happened to Taiwan.

I thought it's kind of amazing to see a seed of dandelions resting on another flower's petal so I took this photo.

On the way to the trailhead, I saw a lot of rainboots piling along the raod.

A bridge near the trailhead of Jiajiuliao Hiking Trail.

Trail's condition was good when I started the hike.

Jiaojiuliao Hiking Trail can lead you to Xiongkong (熊空) in Shanxia or Badaoer Shan (拔刀爾山) in Wulai, the branch trails are behind a hut on the trail. I planed to get to the hut today. It would be one and a half hours going up to the hut and one hour getting back to the trailhead.

There are three bridges made of logs.

Jiaojiuliao Hiking Trail is a good place for bird watching. My cam isn't good enough to get a clear capture of this bird's features.

I loved this lush forest even though it was raining.

I met a Taiwanese who carried strange tree roots on the trail. I asked him what it is for. He told me it is kind of Chinese herb medicine. However, I couldn't help thinking if it is legal to dig or cut plants in this place. I simply hope no one would spoil the beauty of this trail.

It is the blossom season of this unknown flowers. I could see a lot of this tiny white flowers sprawlilng along the trail.

The last bridge in front of the hut.

The branch trail going to Badaoer Shan is on the left side of this hut; and another trail on the right side of this hut leads to Xiongkong.

I finally finished my stories about previous two hikes. I was keen to complete them so that I can start other stories about hiking. The weather has been really nice for several days, I will go hiking this weekend.

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