Friday, March 7, 2008

Tower of Hanoi 河內塔

I am taking a course called Cognitive Training in this semester. In the class, students have to design programs that can potentially help older adults to maitain their cognitive abilities. I say potentially here is because those programs need further examination for their reliability and validity. Besides designing training programs, students have to train themselves in this semester and to examine their learning curve. It's a kind of Learning By Doing.

According to ACTIVE, a longitudinal program of cognitive training in the U.S., three kinds of cognitive abilities are related to older adults' function in daily life. They are memory, reasoning, and speed of process. We chose currently available programs or games that can train us to enhance the abovementioned cognitive abilities.

For training memory, we chose memory card games (卡片記憶); for training reasoning, we chose Sudoku (數讀); and for training speed of process, we chose PS2's Taiko (太鼓達人). We will have to assess our abilities of memory, reasoning, and speed of process next week, and then we start training ourselves in the following six weeks. We will have accept posttest after we finish our traing prcedure and see the post training difference. It seems we will have spend extracurricular time playing a lot of games. I am actually really excited about it.

I found some online games that I can practice with my PC, which will be fun.

Sudoku (數讀)

Taiko (太鼓達人)

Memory Games

To assess the difference of our performance between pre-and post-training, We determine the external criteria: WCST (Wisconsin Card Sorting Test, 威斯康辛卡片分類測驗) and Tower of Hanoi Test and other psychological assessment that I can't reveal here. I will be the tester of Tower of Hanoi so I did some online search for the preparation.

Tower of Hanoi in English and in Chinese.

Tower of Hanoi online game

Even though there are plenty reading assignments in the class, this is the most interesting course I have ever taken. Terrific!!

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