Sunday, March 16, 2008

2008-03-15 Maokong, Erjiaogeshan, Xinhualin, Zhanshan Temple Hiking (貓空/鵝角格山/杏花林/樟山寺之行)

The Hiking Club went hiking in Muzha region last Saturday. We started at NCCU and went to Zhinan Temple, Maokong, Erjiaogeshan, Xinhualin, Zhanshan Temple, and then returned NCCU, a loop route full of splendid views.

I took hundreds of pictures during the hike, behaved like a maniac photographer. I uploaded my photos to, but it's weird that I can't get my photos' urls all of a sudden.

Here are some photos, probably only half of what I have taken.

I will try to post photos here and write our hiking story before the end of Sunday.

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