Sunday, March 9, 2008

Krtek the Mole

One feature about the Internet that I love is its incredible information and data sharing function that tears down the barriers of time and space. I can find numerous things that I couldn't get before. One example is Krtek the Mole.

I used to watch a lot of animated features when I was a kid. Those animated features aren't like what children have nowadays. (Well, you can tell that I have some complaints, but I am not going to complain about present cartoons on TV here).

I used to watch a cartoon about a mole and his friends after school. I didn't know anything about it, but I loved it very much and I still love it now.

I had done online search few years ago and found its DVDs weren't available at that time. But I did search this afternoon and found a lot of information about it. Now I know it's a Czechoslovakian animation created by Zdenek Miler. And I can enjoy some of those animated films on Fantastic animation!

A sharing group on

Zdeněk Milerěk_Miler

The Mole and the Rocket, 1965

The Mole and the Green Star, 1969

The Mole in a Zoo, 1969

The Mole and the Lollipop, 1970

The Mole and the Umbrella, 1971

The Mole as a Painter, 1972

The Mole and the Music, 1974

The Mole and the Matches, 1974

The Mole as a Photographer, 1975

The Mole and the Small Fish, 2000

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