Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Preparation for Cognitive Training

My new semester will start next Monday, however, my study schedule is still uncertain because the class time of one course: Cognition and Emotion hasn't been set yet. It's kind of annoying because it would influence whether I can take a P.E. class: Swimming, which I desparately want to learn, Advanced Qualitative Research, and Advanced English Writing. I know I am greedy that I take many courses in one semester so that I have to squeeze many courses in my limited schedule. And it makes one course's class hour will influence other courses. But I can't help, I just want to learn things as many as possible.

Anyway, except Cognitive Training, every course is not certain yet. I have been preparing for the only certain course since the winter vacation began. The objective of the course is to design some program to enhance or maintain people's cognitive abilities, majorly focus on working memory.

For the preparation for Cognitive Training, I've been trying every available media and learn games as possible as I could. I browsed several webpages of online games and played different games. And I learned Majiang during a get-together with classmates. I love to learn new things; however, I realized I have no talent for computer games and Majiang. I keep losing games against computer or friends. Well, I am really not good at those games. I think I might have some cognitive deficiency, like malfunction working memory or cognitive strategies for which I definiately need more practice and improvement. That means I have to play more online games and Majiang with friends.

Haha....what reason of playing games would be better than the need of taking course!

It sounds fun, doesn't it?

No, as long as people turn fun things into study, it always becomes painful in the process of studying.

So I would be in the pain of playing online games or Majiang in my upcoming semester.

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