Sunday, February 3, 2008

2008-02-02 The Quest of Trailheads PART I 哈盆越嶺,福巴越嶺和卡拉基莫步道

One of my New Year Resolutions is to go hiking in Tonghou, Hapen and Fuba Hiking Trails so I often do research online to read relevant articles about these three trails and I plan to locate their trailheads during my winter vacation. The Hiking Club will go hiking in Hapen Hiking Trail on the first day of Chinese New Year. I hope I could complete some preparation in advance. However it has been raining for weeks in Taipei, it is really cold and wet. I hardly find chances to go out but only have to stay at home, feeling sick of this lousy weather. Yesterday, after I had a lunch with my Xiufen, it stopped raining. I packed my little bag immediately after I got home, and rode my scooter swiftly to Wulai.
我的新年新希望之一是希望在今年度能走桶后越嶺、哈盆越嶺以及福巴越嶺這三段越嶺。所以我一直很想在寒假期間到烏來找這三段越嶺的登山口,也時常上網查閱一些關於越嶺步道的資訊,做一些行前的資料蒐集工作。此外,The Hiking Club預定在大年初一時,不畏風雨地走哈盆越嶺,我希望自己能在行前先完成一些準備。但是連續幾週以來,台北的天氣非常溼冷,很難找到機會從事戶外活動,我幾乎要放棄這個念頭。每天窩在家裡,開始覺得渾身不舒服,快要抓狂。但在昨天下午二點多,和秀芬吃完午飯後,雨突然停了。我在回家之後,馬上收拾小背包,騎著我的摩托車,往烏來狂飆。

I often ride to Wulai so I am very familiar the road to Wulao. But the scenery along the road varies every season and it is fun. This time is a season for Cherry Blossom. Even though the sky is grayish, I still felt pleasant because the pink cherry blossom dotted along the road.

Before entering Wulai main street, I turned to Huanshan Road to Wulai Waterfall. After entering Wulai Waterfall region, there were more cherry trees, and I felt like I entering a pink forest.

Before arriving Fushan village where the trailheads of Hapen, Fuba, and Kalajimo are, I have to pass through Xinxian village. Before entering Xinxian village, I saw a spectacular scene which I don't know how to describe. It's a huge cross sitting on the top of a hill. It brought a feeling of dooms day.


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