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2007-10-28 Fengtoujian in Pinxi 鋒頭尖, 平溪

The Hiking Club went hiking in Choutou Shan (臭頭山) in Pinxi (平溪) on last Saturday. I am going to write an article about our hike. I found that I would refer to a hike we did in Fengtoujian (鋒頭尖) in Pinxi about 6 months ago. I posted a story about this hike on a forum before, but I decided to report this hiking event on my own blog so that my friends or other browsers will know better when they read my article about hiking in Choutou Shan.

Last year, on October 28th, Robert, Chris, Kitty and I visited the eastern peak of Fengtoujian (鋒頭尖). We started our hike along the Dongshige Trail (東勢格越嶺步道) along Gualiaokengxi (瓜寮坑溪, Gualiaokeng Wadi was its name on the map; however, Chris and Robert said the translation wasn't correct. They wouldn't use wadi to describe the stream).

It's a beautiful day and hikers could walk along with the lovely and clean stream. We had a nice walk along the trail, it's a great enjoyment to see the sunlight shining into the woods so that the leaves gleamed golden light and the stream glimmered sliver light. It's gorgeous. We passed by a disused office and a tunnel which are the traces of the coal mining industry of Taiwan in the old days. It a peaceful and relaxing walk in the woods, and I didn't realize I would learn what Great Challenge means.

TheLovely Dongshige Trail (東勢格越嶺步道)

The View of Shisunjian (石筍尖)

After we passed by the disused office and tunnel, we turned to the trail leading to Jiantoufeng. At this point, we started our way climbing up all the way to the eastern peak of Fengtoujian. The trail in front of us was blocked by slippery big rocks. Thanks to the help from all the members of the Hiking Club, I could climb up those slippery big rocks. The trail behind those rocks was steep, but we could still WALK on the trail, and when we look back, we were all amazed by the spectacular view of Cimufeng. When I saw it, I felt it looked like a mother holding her baby, and according to Mucha Man, the name of Cimufeng was actually from some events about CKS.

We made our way to the eastern peak of Fengtoujian which only could accommodate 3-4 people, and there were no barriers or ropes around us, only short bushes. We carefully sat in the right place and had our lunch. The view at the eastern peak of was amazing.

The View of Zhongyangjian(中央尖)

After lunch, we continued our hike, I started my TRAINING DAY—A Long Walk Along Steep-Slippery-Razor-Like-Narrow ridge. The trail extending in front of me was a scary steep narrow ridge. I can't remember how I passed through the ridge exactly. I only could remember how my feelings and reactions changed.

At first, when I looked at the view in front of me, "WOW! Hxxxx Sxxxx!" came into my mind. I tried to laugh to cheer myself up, and tried to focus on the task of passing though the ridge. I told myself to keep calm, I believed I was competent to overcome any difficult challenges.

Kitty Bravely Passing Through One Part of The Ridge

After I passed through the first section of the ridge, another section was presented to me, and the fears started taking over me. I could feel one part of myself wanted to give it up. I had the thought that I didn't want to go any further for few seconds. I got stuck for few times, I thought I would cry after I went through this ridge. And then, I started murmuring, like a little cat getting stuck on a tree and meowing and crying for help.

I murmured in Mandarin. I was in a very weak self-control so I turned to my mother-tongue for communication. And I childishly protested and said I had nothing to hold in a very thin and quivering voice. Other Hiking Club members immediately came to help me to go through the point of nearly breaking down. It's funny to think back my reaction to fears, but not it wasn't fun when I was stuck on the ridge.

After I passed through the ridge, I found I was shivering. "WOW!" came into my mind. At that moment, the feelings were really complicated. That included the feeling of appreciation for the help and support from other Hiking Club members, the feeling of happiness of successfully going through the ridge and the most interesting feeling of amazement to see my true nature of a human being through the great fears, and I also felt I pushed the line of my limitation further. The feelings were REALLY GOOD.

The Eastern Peak of Fengtoujian (Where We Had Lunch)

The protuding of the peak in the middle of the picture was where we had lunch. It's was really dangerous but amazing.

We finally went through the most challenging part of the hike and took a steep way down to the valley. I developed a funny skill which I named it SIT-AND-SLIDE. I spent most of my time sitting and sliding down to the valley. It was cool but muddy.

Near the end of the way down to the valley, we had to walk on a really narrow path along a cliff whose splendid view was a terrific treat to refresh us.

I had some thoughts afterwards and posted it on a forum. Here are those ideas I wrote at the moment of recollecting memories of the hiking event.

This the morning before the hike, Chris asked me why I go hiking. I told him I like the peaceful and relaxing feeling in the woods, and the feeling of concentration. It's a kind of mediation that I could filter out of daily noises in mind. I also like the feeling of empowerment because I can accomplish tasks that I once believe I am unable to complicating, it's a sense of self-enhancement. But after Sunday's hike, I realized I was too arrogant. I relied on other Hiking Club members' helps and instructions a lot. They taught me how to overcome challenges, shared their experiences with me and helped me went through difficulties. I think both I enjoy the sense of trust and reliance as well as the sense of self-enhancement. Excellent Hike!! :)

p.s. I can't fall into sleep and I don't want to waste my time on turn and toss on bed, I decide to working on my blog articles. But I can't keep my mind really clear, I may make a lot of mistakes in terms of word usage or grammar in this article.

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