Sunday, April 13, 2008

Accident: There Will Be Blood (UPDATE)

I am recovering from the injury I had on April 5th and I can type more words than I did last week. I can try to post its cause and consequences. Well, actually, it was a really stupid accident.

I got back home from a hiking Fushan in Wulai. First thing I did was checking my email. I recieved email from my advisor and she wanted me to revise a figure for her. She also wrote that she would call me so we could discuss things about the figure.

I thought I would better wait for her phone call and in the meantime, I could think whether I would be able to make the trip to Cloud 9 for Michael's birthday outing if I needed to complete the figure within a short time. I waited for my advisor's phone call as watched a movie: There Will Be Blood. All of a sudden, I got a rash over my legs, which could be resulted from leeches' bites I got during my hiking in Fushan. I thougt I would better get a show. It could help to alleviate the rash.

While I was taking a shower, I heard my cell phone ringing. I thought sxxt, my advisor's call. I dashed out and wanted to picked up the phone. However, as I stepped out the door of my bathroom, I slipped and heavily fell. It really hurt. Because of the impact, I felt my whole body was acking. I struggled to stand up but I missed the phone. I checked the unanswer message on my phone's screen. It indeed was a phone call from my advisor. "Sxxt! I still missed it."

I returned her call and then we had a funny conversation.

I: "Hello, this is XX (my Chinese name). I have got your email."
My advisor: "Can you understand what I mean by reading the draft I sent?"
I: "Yes, no problem."
"Eh..? Why my hand and arm are full of blood!"
"I am bleeding. I think I got a cut."
"Sxxt! I see my bone."
My advisor: "Ah! you saw your bone."

I think my advisor was terrified by what I said.

I hang up the phone and tried to stop the bleeding. I grabbed a towel and repressed my wound with it. I saw my blood on the floor and with few seconds, I couldn't believe what happened to me. I think I was overwhelmed by my fear because I knew it was a severe cut by seeing my own bone. I put myself together soon and called my flatmate for help. My flatmate was with her friends in Shida night market. After she learned my bad news, she immediately ended her date and tried to get home as soon as possible. (I appreciated to her help very much when I was in terrible condition.)

I waited for her for 10-15 minutes and tried to stop my bleeding. I was lucky that I evetually got the bleeding under my control. I tried to put up some clothes and then I suddenly had a fear.

My fear resulted from that I knew well how bad my injury was and I definitely had to go to ER for treatment for my wound. I could visulized what would happen to me after I got to a hospital. Surgeons would open my wound again and clean it and stitch it. I could tolerate the pain I had at that time, but I really didn't want to open the wound and more vicious pain.

My flatmate got home and then I reluctantly took a taxi with her and headed to the biggest hospital in my neighborhood.


Chris in Asia said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch! Blood and bone! Sounds horribly painful!

I hope you're healing well!

reserping said...


Kate said...

Thanks, Chris. I am recovering from the injury well.