Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2008-03-15 Maokong, Erjiaogeshan, Xinhualin, Zhanshan Temple Hiking (貓空/鵝角格山/杏花林/樟山寺之行) END

It has been a month since we went hiking in Muzha. I finally write the last part of our hike.

After we left Erjiaoge Shan (鵝角格山) trail, we took Zhanghu Hiking Trail (樟湖步道) and headed to Xinhualin (杏花林).

A Distant Look of Erjiaoge Shan on Zhanghu Hiking Trail

Along Zhanghu Trail, there are a lot of tea fields. The one of the picture below is my favorite field.

A section of Zhanghu Trail near Xinhualin has both stone-paved road and natural dirt path. Most of it is flat and really nice for those who want to take a ease walk with young kids. If you only want to hike along Zhanghu Trail without climbing up Erjiaoge Shan, you can take the other entry, 5-mintue walk away from Maokong Station.

When we were walking on the trial, I saw a cyclist riding on the trail. There was a steep slope in front us, he sped up and tried to rode up to the top. But it was too difficult for him, he eventually gave it up, and walked up to the top with his bike instead.

We soon arrived at Xinhualin. We got to the apricot blossom field from it section A. And it was insanely crowded, a lot of visitors were there. Most of them talked to each other with loud voice. Xinhualin came a kind of Taiwanese traditional market.

Some of them came there by tourist buses. Robert and Chris felt it was really funny. We were baffled with it popularity, but we reckoned it probably became a stop of a day trip of Maokong.

When we were walking in the apricot blossom field, I struggled to find space to pass through the crowds and managed to take pictures of flowers. I hate crowded place and I would rather stay away from those visitors, but I love those gorgeous blossoms and love to take photos of them. I found I was like Remy from Ratatouille, panicingly trying to find a way out but was attracted to different food material, spice and cooking skills when he fell into the Gasteau's restaurant.

After I was satisfied with photo shooting, I ran down stairs and left those visitors as soon as I could even though my legs were tired after a almost 4 hour walk.

"Run! Forrest Run!" was the picture I had when I ran down the stairs. I ran desperately like Forrest.

Xinhualin Became A Market

I tried very hard to avoid taking other passersby into my photos.

Gorgeous Apricot Blossoms

After the walk in Xinhualin, we went to Zhizitian Teahouse(自在田茶坊) to have ice tea and short break.

We went to Zhangshan Temple(樟山寺) and took Zhangshan Temple Hiking Trail (樟山寺步道) to NCCU after the break. At Zhangshan Temple, Robert and Chris tried few Taiwanese tyle sausages. I never like this kind of food even though I am Taiwanese, but they said it's good.

A Beautiful View Before Sunset

We arrived at NCCU, and we went to 滇味小鎮, a resturant offers Yunnan style food in front of NCCU. The dished we had were great and their price were super low. It has no fancy decor but the food there is great. I would like to visit it every time I come back from hiking in Muzha.

Great hiking company, nice trails, and delicious food. I had really good time.

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chickens offered by 滇味小鎮 are really impressed dishes, expecially at this moment...(i'm hungry.........)