Friday, April 18, 2008

2008-04-03 Zhuzihu's Calla Lily Festival in Yangming Mountain 陽明山/竹子湖採海芋

Few days before we went to Zhuzihu, my flatmate told me that she read some articles about Zhuzihu's Calla Lily Festival (竹子湖海芋季) on some websites. Some visitors wrote that there would be an interesting sound when a calla lily is pulled out. They expressed they were amazed by the feelings of standing in the calla lily fields and the sound. She wanted to hear the sound.

However, her boyfriend had no interest in going out in rainy days and he was not into this kind of outdoor acitivity. She didn't want to go there alone, so she asked me asked me if I would like to pick calla lilies (海芋) in Zhuzihu (竹子湖) with her. I thought this idea over. I don't mind going out in rainy days as long as I have right gear and I sometimes go hiking in rainy days. It would be fun because I rarely get up to Yangming Mountain even though my university is right at the foot of Yangming Mountain, so I decided to go to Zhunihu with her. We checked our schedules. We got to Zhuzihu two days after our chats.

Before our departure, we discussed some possible choices of transport. We found out that we had to go to Jiantian MRT station, and taken Bus 206 or Red 5 to Yangmingshan and then take Bus 9 to Zhuzihu. One MRT route and two bus routes would probably take us almost 2 hours to get to Zhuzihu. It's too rediculous and a waste of time, so we decided to go there by scooter.

My flatmate and I shared one scooter, and we probably spent one hour to get to Zhuzihu. It was couldy when we were in Taipei City, but it became misty and mildly rained as we went up to Yangmingshan.

When we arrived at Zhuzhihu, we found there were a lot of visitors around. We were suprised to see so many people because it wasn't a holiday. But it wasn't crowded, we could have good space to enjoy the fields of calla lilies.

It was misty and rainy, all fields were supposed to full of mysterious serenity. It was rainy so the pathes in fields were slippery. I could hear screams from other college girls near by at times because they couldn't balance themself when they walked in the fields. It was funny to see it though. I was lucky that I wore my hiking boots so I could easily pass through differnt lanes in the fields like a busy honey bee.

Mist-Shrouded Calla Lily Fields

I didn't expect how much fun I would have in this Calla Lily Festival. But it was really refreshing when I standed in the fields and looked at the scenery around me. I could felt the cold air in my lungs which cheer me up. It was really cold but I didn't feel umconfortable. When I pulled out a calla lily, I indeed heard a snap sound. It was like a sound of opening a bottle of champagne, which gave me a feeling of excitement mixed with a joy. Really Fun!

I think the most special thing about visiting calla lily fields in rainy day is I could see raindrops glittering brim of calla lilies.

After we picked all calla lilies we needed, we went to one of the resturants along the calla lily fields and had sweet potato soup. It was really nice to have sweet potato soup with ginger, which warmed me up immediately. We had delicious soup and then we took a walk in other calla lily fields.

My flatmate and I spent an afternoon in Zhuzihu. We had fun and had nice soup, and we got beautiful calla lilies with us back home. They are calla lilies we got at that day.

I am never an artist, too bad that I couldn't catch the most beautiful faces of calla lilies. I really like O'keefe's painting of calla lilies though. She is one of modern artists I love. The trip to Zhuzihu made me think of her masterpieces, and I spent some time looking for information about her online.

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