Friday, January 11, 2008

2008-01-11 Random Cellphone Camera Snapshots

I like to capture some interesing moments that happens in my daily life.

Last night I attended my classmate's birthday party. We held it in a game stadium in Sanchong. The place provided various kind of games and sports. We played bowling, pool and PC games in turns. I did many thing at the very first time in my life. It was fun. I saw a girl playing bowling in this funny costume. Pretty cool!

Stray dogs and street cats are a serious problem in Taiwan. I was astonished to see a stray pig on my way home. I felt so bad for it and didn't knodw what to do. I called the police to figure out how to deal with this poor pig. Um....I hope it's alright now.

The animal symbol of this upcoming Chinese New Year is mouse. The fortune staues displayed in a chrysanthemum exhibition in Shilin CKS residence were two mice made of chrysanthemums. When I saw them, I couldn't figure out they were mice, but thought they were greebles--a kind of viual situmulus used in the study of facial recognition. I think I am indeed influenced by the studies conducted by Isabel Gauthier and Michael J. Tarr.

When I go hiking, I sometimes bump into some bare-foot Taiwanese hikers. I once asked them what the feeling was like when they hiked in bare feet. The anwser was "You Have to Try It!"

A narcissistic snapshot. Haha... :D

CanCan, my best friend's daughter. She looks after her mother, having a sweet smile.

My nephew. A handsome boy, the angel in my sister's family. I was once very sad and couldn't accept the fact that my handsome nephew suffers from cerebral palsy, and I spent almost three years in denial and frustration and anger. On the contrary, my sister unconditionally gives her love to her angel. My nephew is growing up in a house full of love. My sister is a remarkable mother.

My best friends' daughter. My goddaughter in Taiwanese sense. The poor couple only can see their daughter once every three monthes. It commonly happens to the Taiwanese who work in mainland China.

I was happy to take the picture. I love to see children growing up in safe environment full of love. And it shoud be the way it is.

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