Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I had been busy during the New Year Holidays, spending time with friends and my sister's family, which made me really happy.

I finally got HEROES's DVD and watched few episodes last night. When I watched it, my response was often yelling "WOW!" "H**ly S**t!" The show is fantastic! I want to finish the first season ASAP and want to let Eric watch it.

This afternoon, I went to Taipei City Zoo with Shipin's family. The weather was bone-chilling, but it was a fun trip. Her daughter is a little angel. We had great time with this little girl. And I love strolling in the zoo, too. It's wonderful to see those lovely animals and learn new things from the trip. My newly-bought cemera didn't work so I was unable to take photos of those amazing ceatures and Shipin's little angel. I have to vist eWhat tomorrow to figure out what happen to my camera.

Because of the cold weather, many animals in the zoo behaved in interesting ways. Monkeys squeezed each other and formed a huge fur ball on rocks. Pythons curled up and looked like huge droppings under the yellow light. A tiger was so close to us that only a thin piece of glass blocked it from us. I was attracted to elephants and beautiful birds. I love frogs, but it was funny that I just couldn't find any frogs when I was in the Amphibian and Reptile House. It was a kind of treature hunt for me to locate frogs. I was as happy as Shipin's little girl. I wish my nephew and my sister were with us. The zoo was great, it had been improved a lot since I visited it last time. I would like to make it my regular place for taking a long walk in the city.

We just finished watching The Simpons. The Simpon family always make me laugh.

Busy being happy for days, so great!

Happy New Year!

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