Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I have spent few weeks reading and writing proposals, reports and term papers. The most annoying thing happened to me when I was writing is to edit correct citation format because numerous citations and references must be edited in specific format which is APA 5th in my case.

My professors suggested I use EndNote-- an online software for managing bibliographic databases. I found that sometimes old people resist learning new tricks, and it seems that I am getting old. I was resistant using it. I tried to read its user's guide and found it was a almost 600-page online handbook. I thought it was crazy to waste time on it.

I wrote an HR report with EndNote's help to edit citations and references yesterday, and I found I could use it without reading user's guide or online help. It's sooo cool. I could easily manage those annoying format. Bliliant!! So why on earth it has bulky user's guide to expel users away!!

I am writing and establishing my bibliographic databases now, really cool.

Every graduate student should learn it.

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