Friday, January 4, 2008

Giant Halfway Folding Bike

After coming back to Taipei from Hualian, I've been thinking about buying a folding bike so that I can travel by bike and take it with me easily. I like to take time to know and to enjoy the beauty of a place so I feel like to revisit Hualian and to travel in Taidong by bike during Chinese New Year holidays or Spring holidays this year.

After doing some research online, my choice was narrowed down to Dahon or Giant. The price of Giant's Halfway module is half of Dahon's. I went to check Halfway bike out after hiking in Xiaoshitou Shan this afternoon. Halfway folding bike is really light but the wheel is really small. Mm...., I think I should also check Dahon's folding bike out to make sure what really meet my need.

Uh....I haven't finished writing my stories about traveling in Yilan and Hualian. But churning out term papers is the first piority now. It will take some time to complete the travel writing.


David said...

Both the Giant and the Dahon have 20 inch wheels. I guess they look small compared to a "normal" bike. I think 20 inch is a good size. Folding bikes with smaller wheels would not really be comfortable for riding long distances.

Kate said...

Thank you, David.