Sunday, January 6, 2008


I hadn't had my hair cut for few years, partly to save money and partly to avoid frustration resulted from bad hairstyle; so I had long hair for years. But last night I suddenly had an idea to cut my hair, and it lingered in my mind all night.

I fulfilled this idea this morning.

I am having a short hairstyle now which makes me look like a mushroom. I looked myself in the mirror and I couldn't recognize myself well. I look like a young and optimistic student with smile, and I am full of spirit and happiness.

I am soooo cute! Haha, it's kind of narcissistic, isn't it?

I realized long hairstyle never suits my temperaments and I am never the heavenly beautiful characters from Qiongyao's romantic stories. I have found my true face.

I like the idea proposed by Maslow. There is discrepancy between IDEAL and REAL SELF. I am feeling that I have been reducing the discrepancy between my ideal self and real self bit by bit. And I am also reducing the discrepancy of ideal family and real family if I expend its application on family study.

I am a believer of Confucian's viewpoint on human development.

"In my thirties, I find the stand." (三十而立)

I am in my early thirties, and I am finding my stand in the society, pursuing my lifetime hobbies and developing my career path.

I am finding my true nature and being the one I love to be.

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Chris in Asia said...

Can't wait to see your mushroom haircut!