Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gained Weight

Yesterday we had a function which was especially organized for graudate students of A programe, that is for study of experimental/cognitive/psychometric psychology or social/personality/developmental psychology. We went to Zhiqing's store in Tianmu and had nice food and great conversations. I actually shouldn't attend the function because I had to turn in reports in 1.5 hours after the function and I hadn't completed it yet. I still attended it becuase I knew it would be great fun. Indeed it was! And it was incredible that I completed my report in the function. Haha... amazing!

I got a photo of the function and found that I looked much bigger than I used to be. And I had a round face. Man!

I have been having less sleeping and spending most of my time sticking with my computer. I definitely need to work out or go hiking soon after the semester finish, getting back a more healthy life-style.

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