Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2007-12-15 TongHou Hiking Trail 桶后越嶺 (END)

We finally arrived at the direction sign of TongHou Hiking Trail. The distance between the sign and the entry of the trail was about 2 kilometers. We planed to drive to its entry, but we found out that the mountain road to its entry was too muddy and steep so that it was really difficult for us to drive there. We decided to leave car and hiked to the trailhead.

After finishing the 2-kilometer walk, we arrived at the entry of TongHou Hiking Trail and finally we stepped on the TRAIL. We couldn't finished hiking because it was getting dark. We got to a branch road to XiaoJiaoXi Shan, and then we decided to walk back to our car.

We left the trail and went to Daxi to meet Trail_Hacker and had our seafood feast.

Trail_Hacker has profound knowledge of trails in Taiwan and Daxi Fish Market as well so he chose fresh seafood and bargained with a seafood restaurant serviceperson for us. He picked a really fresh JianYu (Bonito) for us and asked the serviceperson made it into three different kinds of dishes. We had steamed fish, sashimi and nice soup. And Trail_Hacker shared a lot of information about hiking with us when we had dinner. We had super nice seafood feast and pleasant conversation during our dinner which made my fatigue go away. It was a very nice day.





The trailhead of TongHou Hiking Trail.

The road to the trailhead was really nice because of the cold and fresh air and misty scenery. I felt like to lie down on the bushes alongside the road, to blend myself with the nature and to enjoy solitude and serenity.


The misty scenery had me embraced by some kind of mysterious atmosphere. It made me remember one thing. I often dreamed of one scene when I was eleven and twelve. The scene was that I was in fears and lost in a fog which I barely see things. I walked alone and tried to look for my parents. I didn't know why I often dream of it. I talked about the dream with my sister. She laughed at me and told me that we travel ed in Ali Shan with our parents when we were little kids. I got lost on the way to see sunrise in Ali Shan and all grownups tried to find me all the way. I really didn't remember this event but the dream went away after my sister explained it to me.

I talked about it with Eric. He smiled and said: "Freud got his theories right!" Well, I am never a follower of psychoanalysis, but I agreed with Eric. Mr. Freud possibly had his theories based on something beyond my understanding.



The bonito we had in our dinner. It was made into three dishes: steamed fish, Sashimi and fish soup.

The Sashimi we had; Half amount of the dish had been eaten up.

Steamed fish, Very delicious!


Chris in Asia said...

Great pictures, and your comments bring back great memories of lat weekend's outing!!

Kate said...

Thank you. :)
I hope you don't mind my lousy English posts. My English writing is realy bad, I have made many grammatical mistakes and I have to review my posts and edit them every now and then.
It was a nice day even though we spent 6 hours on driving and only 2 hours on hiking.