Saturday, December 22, 2007

2007-12-22 Lunch Party After Hiking Gilian Shan 午餐的約會

It was pretty nice to get together in Zhiching's new store. Undergraduates and graduates from different classes arrived one by one without any arrangement in advance; we showed up together coincidentally. The funny part was the gifts that every one presented were all alcohol. Is it the tradition of our department? :D
Well, the array of alcohol bottles was pretty impressive. We opened most of the bottles and had a great party in his store.


The party became alumni reunion. A get-together of psychology majors is all about research, thesis, interaction with instructive professors.


Mingde's thesis is about two-timers so I kept calling him the master of two-timer. Junxian was misled and thought Mingde was a two-timer. And we started talking about how to design questionnaire to investigate the psychology of two-timers, how to find two-timers as subjects and how to interview them. Junxian and I shared our research insterests and subjects of our thesis. I was interested in the nueropsychological results of visual perception span and working memory capacity that he brought up, and we dicussed the possiblity to their application to cognitive trainings for the elders. He gave me some information about the psychology of aging in Taiwan. That was great!


When we were exchanging ideas about study of aging, professor Liu asked me what the problems with the elders were. I quickly told her my ideas of the application to train the elders' working memory and didn't realize the possible meaning behind her question on the spot. I think professor Liu thinks I would do research in the fields of social psychology or family study on basis of the qualitative approach. But actually I had had discussions with professor Wang that I would do experimental research. I think my decision must surprise most professors in our department, well...and I haven't had time to have dicussion with professor Liu.


I think she must have some thoughts when she learned I would do research with professor Wang. I think it's necessary to talk with her when we have time.


I took the picture in the store, and I like it pretty much. It looks like the neurons' activation spreading out from thalamus.

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