Friday, December 21, 2007

200712-21 The Little Lion's Head Mountain 小獅頭山

The Little Lion's Head Mountain (XiaoShiTou Shan) is located in Xindain whose several entries are on WenZhong Road and ZhongXin Road. It only takes hikers 5-10 mintues to get to its entries on WenZhong Road. Its most noticeable entry is right next to NengRen school.


I like the Little Lion's Head Mountain pretty much. It has two favorite kinds of trails: dirt road and wooden stairs. Compared with some hiking trails' concrete stairs, it's more comfortable for me. And in the Little Lion's Head Mountain, many different kinds of flowers blossom in all seasons, many beautiful birds perch in the woods and cute squirrels sometimes reveal themself to hikers. At the second and third peak, hikers can enjoy really great scenic views, they can see AnKeng, QingTan and Bitan regions. The only drawback is the traffic noise from the foot of the mountain sometimes disturbing the sound of the nature.


The flower was common in my neighborhood when I was a kid, but I hadn't seen it for years. I saw it on the trail this morning and it was not just one plant but several plants of it. The flowers hanging down from branches formed beautiful decorations which resembles red and orange lanterns.


I finally took some decent photos of wild birds. This picture is a little bit out of focus, but it's not bad as I am a green photographer. I realised it's very difficult to take photos of wild birds. I could only hear them at very beginning but couldn't see them. I tried hard to locate them and when I found them and tried to adjust my lens, they flew to other branches or even dissapeared.


Compared with old Bitan Bridge 20 years ago, today's bridge is uglier.

The upper photo was taken with Nikon E2500, and I took photo of similar feature with Olympus SP-500UZ this morning. The new one is much better.

第一張照片是我用Nikon E2500拍的,同樣的主題,我用新的Olympus SP-500UZ拍攝,效果好很多。

The upper photo was taken with Nikon E2500, and I took photo of similar view with Olympus SP-500UZ this morning. Its background and distant view of mountains are much better.
第一張照片同樣是用Nikon E2500拍攝,和後面這張比起來,畫質和遠景都清楚很多。
I started learning functions and operation of my new camera, I haven't learned much of them and I awkwardly used it. I accidentally dropped it this morning, and I was lucky because I didn't cause any damage to it. I think need more practice, maybe a hike in JiaoJiuLiao tomorrow will do more help. :)
我才剛開始使用新的相機,有很多功能不知道怎麼使用,而且很笨拙地使用,不小心把新相機狠狠地摔了一下。心痛的要死。還好,看樣子相機沒啥大礙。還需要多加練習啊!明天來去走加九寮步道好了! 我給新相機搭配一張2G的記憶卡,隨手一拍,就是兩百多張照片,果然,用起來很爽快。
I uploaded some test shots I took during today's outing to my Flickr. If anyone is interested in them, please visit
P.S. I didn't upload too many pictures because it took too much time. XD
我還放一些照片在我的Flickr,有興趣的話,可以去看看。P.S. 我沒有放很多喔~因為上傳照片實在太花時間啦! XD

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