Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2007-12-15 TongHou Hiking Trail 桶后越嶺 (PART IV)

I don't want to study even though I really have to. It seems that every graduate student commonly goes through some sort of escapism. I planed to go hiking in Xiao Shi Shan near where I live. While I was packing my bag, it started raining. I only could sit back in front of my desk and continue my story of TongHou Hiking.

We spent almost 5 hours on finding the trial head, we gradually felt tired and an idea of giving up the trail merged. At last, we decided to go hiking in PaoMa Hiking Trail, so we turned to the road to PaoMa. We passed by a sign which indicated we were in LongTan of YiLan. We had turned to Trail_Hacker for direction of the trailhead around lunch time. He told us it was near somewhere in LongTan. When we saw the sign, the idea of looking for TongHou came back to mind. We wanted to give it a try, so our quest of TongHou Hiking Trail continued.

We saw a police station on the road, and I came to it for direction. Two police officers were in the office. They tried to figure out what TongHou meant when I asked them few questions. It seemed that they didn't know the name of the hiking trail so I tried to explain its route to them. One of them realized what I meant and told me he knew the trailhead's exact location. A hope arose. The policeman checked my outfit and started persuading me not to go hiking there. He told me it was getting dark so I definitely couldn't make it in time. The trail was dangerous that many hikers get lost in the mountains. He said he often has to go there to rescue hikers. He just went there a week before and he himself also fell during the mission. As he was talking, he turned his back to me as if he wanted to show me where he got injured. (I was thinking in mind: "Sir! I really don't want to see your butt.")

Anyway, I got the information that the entry of TongHou was in XiaoJiaoXi. We only had to go straight down the road and turned right when we saw a TuJiCheng (chicken restaurant.) And soon we would see the entry.

We finally got the clearest direction for the locals, We were (I was) happy because soon we would arrive at the trailhead. But we had a wrong turn before the TuJiCheng. We spent extra time to go back on the right track. About 2 or 3 o'clock in the afternoon, we finally see the direction sign of TongHou Hiking Trail.






I was extremely happy to see the direction sign and gave it a big hug in enormous joy.

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