Sunday, December 16, 2007

2007-12-15 TongHou Hiking Trail 桶后越嶺 (PART II)

The story so far still tells the quest of the entry of TongHou Hiking Trail. Those photos were taken during our lost on the road.


I think we wouldn't be able to enjoy those special idyllic landscape and beautiful mountains and lake if we didn't try and go through some possible routes. It's too bad that my camera is good enough and, in the meanwhile, the weather was misty. I couldn't take pictures that truely reveal the beauty that I saw during the trip.

我想,如果我們沒有走過可種可能的路徑,我們是沒有機會看到這些特別的鄉村風光和山水景致。 只可惜我的相機鏡頭不夠好,同時天氣是霧茫茫的,水氣很重,所以我的照片無法完整呈現我在旅途中所眼見的美麗風光。

I especially like the picture of the flower. I often saw this kind of unknown flowers when I was a child, but nowadays, it is hard to find in urban areas.

The flower solely grows out from a patch of gravel, not the soil of the grassy field, which brings feelings of unyieldingness and loneliness to me. It is seemingly close and seemingly distant from the field of weeds, independent from the rest of the world. I like the scene very much because it projects my awareness of my existence.



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