Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2007-12-15 TongHou Hiking Trail 桶后越嶺 (PART III)

I met Azic online and we talked about our recent events over MSN, discussed some possible plans to go hiking on Sunday and talked about my blog. I have been busy in these two days because my workload has been increased dramatically. I haven't finished the story of TongHou Hiking yet. I should work on my projects and readings, but because of the conversation with him and the finding that my memory about the hike is decaying, I decided to continue the story.

We turned to locals of YiLan for direction so I had some conversations and interactions with people of YiLan. I felt their temperaments were really different people of Taipei City. I can't find precise phrases to describe them. I feel it seems that I took a time-machine to go back to Taipei in 80's. I think the feelings I had when I talked to the locals are like talking to my neighbors when I was a child. They were simple, nice and friendly.

I went to a square in front of a house and asked few people for direction. There were several people sitting outdoor and chatting, and one old man was scooping TangYuan. I asked them the direction of TongHou Hiking Trail, but none of them knew where it was. They were nice and started giving me suggestions about good tourism spot in the region, and they introduced LinMeiShiPan Hiking Trail and PaoMa Hiking Trail to me. I found out that the house was actually a temple and they were having JianJiao which the temple provided free food to followers and passersby. The old man hospitably invited me to join them and wanted me to have some TangYuan with them. I was really hungry and wanted to eat TongYuan, and I wanted to join them and to chat with them. But Robert and Chris were waiting for me to report back the situation. I shouldn't enjoy the feast alone. I only had to walk back to our car and told them what had happened to me.

When I talked to those people, I had to speak Taiwanese. I could only have some short and simple conversation with them. I found my Taiwanese had become really rusty, it was even worse than my English. I still remember I could interview my subjects in Taiwanese few years ago. What happened to my Taiwanese?





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